Who Owns My Website?

A website consists of many components.  Specifically with BEST WEBSITES:

  •  DOMAIN NAME - The registrar owns your domain name.  You pay for the exclusive rights to use it on the internet.
  •  HOSTING - BEST WEBSITES hosts your website on our own FAST dedicated server located in Canada.
  •  DESIGN - Copyright Law protects the Creator of the website (BEST WEBSITES) as being our Intellectual Property.
  •  LOGO - We will create a logo for you, make different size images as needed, and you will own it with all implied rights.
  •  CONTENT - If you provide the text and images, then you own that part of it.
  •  SOFTWARE - is owned by the Creator of the website (BEST WEBSITES).
  • CMS - Content Management System (WordPress) - is Open Source and available to everyone.

Some of our websites have transferred to us because once their website was finished, their previous web hosts were nearly impossible to contact to make updates or changes, and then they were charged an exorbitant amount for those changes.

As part of our hosting, BEST WEBSITES includes FAST, UNLIMITED SUPPORT to make any changes you wish, without incurring any extra costs. We work 7 days a week so your changes will be made, usually within a few hours.

who owns my website

Note:  Some website designers may choose to sell a website to you, in which case you will want to ask for a Website Ownership Contract to clarify exactly what you are buying, and what your responsibilities are.  For example, if you buy the website, do you then have to renew the domain name and configure it to work with your host, recreate the website on the server, pay for support, etc.  Read it carefully!

When you choose BEST WEBSITES, we do EVERYTHING for you, unless you want to take over certain controls of the website yourself, in which case we will teach you, or if difficult, create a manual especially for your website!   You can do as much, or as little as you choose. 

SUMMARY - Who owns my website?   If it is important to you to own it, then I would ask you, why does it matter? 

If you own it outright, you will have all the responsibilities of remembering to renew the domain name, finding hosting, adding all the necessary DNS records, configuring the domain name to work with the host, finding and paying for tech support when needed, monitoring security, updating software, doing search engine optimization, submitting the site regularly to search engines, and more.

OUR GUARANTEE:  If, for any reason we are not able to uphold our part of servicing your website, all files will be freely given to you.

BEST WEBSITES has purposely chosen to make our websites affordable by charging a small amount to create the site, and then we regain our investment over a long period of time by having you host with us, hopefully for many years.

For this reason we do not allow you to take a website that we have built and transfer it to a cheaper host.