1.  You Request A Quote, giving me as much information as possible about what you need.

2.  Based on the information you provide, I will give you a quote.

3.  If you are agreeable to the quote I will request an e-transfer of $50 to purchase your domain name and create a space on the server for your website.

4.  I will then configure all the settings and build the website with the information you have provided.  This usually takes from 3 to 7 days.

5.  When you are happy with the website design I will invoice you for the cost of building the site plus the cost of 1 year's hosting (plus HST for Canadians) (minus your $50 deposit).

6.  You can continue to add content, request changes, etc as often as you wish with no extra charges.

7.  Once the invoice is paid, assuming we have sufficient content to list the website, I will start working on the Search Engine Optimization, launch the website, create a sitemap and submit it to the search engines, register you with Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business), Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, Yelp, etc.

8.  Your invoice due dates each year will be the anniversary of the date I purchased your domain name.  I will invoice you a full month in advance so you'll have lots of warning.

NOTE:  Occasionally people are too busy to get all the required content to me as quickly as I can design and create the website.  In this case I will invoice you as soon as the design is complete.  The invoice will be due on receipt, and we can continue to add content at your convenience.

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