Why Choose Us?

Website design can be done by anyone.  GOOD website design requires special training and a gift for graphics.  EXCELLENT website design goes beyond the visual, and includes content which will be picked up by Search Engines so that people will find your website once it is built.  We, at BEST WEBSITES, strive for EXCELLENCE in every aspect of designing each website.  We are perfectionists, so we go over your site many times to assure that it always presents a professional impression on full size computer monitor, laptop, tablet, and phone.

Absolutely The BEST Price For The BEST Website Design!


We're a small company with low overhead. We can do everything the big guys can do, but at a much lower price, and in much less time.

We guarantee to beat any quote you've received from a professional website design company by at least 20%, and usually more.

Special consideration will be given to churches, non-profits, and people starting out in a new home business.

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No Risk - No Money Down. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

You pay no money down. We create the website, and work with you until you are happy with every aspect.

Only after the website is complete do we invoice you and expect payment.

BONUS - All sites include animation if you want it.

BONUS - If you need a logo we will design one at no extra cost.

BONUS - When the website is finished we will design business cards to match your site, also at no extra cost.

One Stop Shop - From Start To Finish, We Do It All!

We do it all, from registering your domain name and configuring it to work with your website, to building your site with integrated keywords for Search Engine Optimization, and then setting up your Professional Email Addresses.

We host your website, create sitemaps, and submit them regularly to the Search Engines so that people will find you.

We are then available to make changes like adding new products, updating prices, dates or coupons, or adding photos to galleries, usually within a few hours, all without any further added expense.

Included Extras

We will design a logo if you need one, at no extra cost.

We love to do animation and will include it at no extra cost.

Most hosts provide shared IP addresses, with dedicated IP's at an additional monthly cost, usually between $10 and $15/mo.  We include a dedicated IP address for each of our websites.

Most hosts charge extra for an SSL certificate, usually $100 - $150/yr.   We include an SSL certificate with all of our websites, meaning that your website will show as "https", not "http".  The "s" means "secure".  Without an SSL certificate your website will be shown as "insecure", and will not rank as high with the Search Engines.


If you see a triangle (arrow) on the image it indicates there is animation.
Click the link below the Control Bar to be taken to the actual website. BEST WEBSITES will remain in the background.

More Included Extras

Photography is our specialty.  We will enhance your photos by increasing saturation and contrast where needed, and then optimize the file size of each image for fast loading.   We size your pictures to perfectly match your pages. 

If you are local (Oshawa, ON Canada), we will also do onsite photography.

After carefully editing your content for spelling, grammar and Search Engine Optimization, we will then create sitemaps and submit them regularly, usually monthly, to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.  These are the major Search Engines, and the smaller ones feed off of them.

We check your site daily for any software and security updates so that your site doesn't deteriorate as software becomes obsolete.

What most people appreciate about our service is that we offer tech support to make changes to your site, usually within a few hours, at no extra cost.  You will have no additional expenses just to add special coupons, change dates or prices, or upload new pictures.  It's all included.

And when the website is finished, we will design business cards to match!

Read What Our Customers Have To Say

Mary from BEST WEBSITES has been my saving grace.  After six years of having an e-commerce website that always seemed to be broken, and about to give up, I found a website on line that I liked, and thought a similar profile would be excellent for me. 

It (PlantBest Inc) was a website designed by BEST WEBSITES and Mary, who designed it.  From there the relationship began.  

Mary has given me a fresh start with a new look.  I am excited and very proud of my professional new website.  

From start to finish she is fast, diligent, and a perfectionist. Great new ideas and cost saving tips.  I highly recommend Mary for any of your website designs. I am very, very happy.

     ~ Pauline of Amber Hillside Horse Harness     

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Every Website Is Unique

We specialize in creating new websites and updating old websites for individuals, non-profits, small and medium-sized businesses, at a very reasonable price.  Our service includes unlimited changes and additions, usually completed within a few hours of receiving the request.  This means that you can change anything on the website, at any time, without incurring any extra fees.  There are no unexpected expenses.

We don't use templates.  All websites are unique, designed specifically for your business.  

Read More From Our Clients

If you need a professional website you need to talk to Mary. She is an absolute genius. Mary created a new website a year ago for us and things just keep getting better.

We now have our tee time bookings on line with this new website, and our clients have lots of great comments about it, as well as about the website. Everyone loves it.

Mary has always been extremely helpful in solving any problems we have had. She is a very patient and pleasant person to work with, and offers great suggestions on improving our business through our website.

We are very impressed! Thank you Mary.

     ~ Sharon Sibeon of Bowmanville Golf & Country Club     

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What Makes Us Better Than The Big Guys?

1.  BEST WEBSITES would love to have your business, and keep it, so we go above and beyond to make sure you're happy with all of the services we provide.

five white cartoon people & one yellow standing on his hands2.  When you contact a big business you never know who you'll be talking to, and if the second person you speak to will know all the information that you just gave to the first person.  With us, you will always correspond with Mary, unless it is regarding a complicated coding issue, in which case Jeff will step in.  

3.  Our prices are the BEST you will find, our services exceed all others, our support is exceptional, and most importantly, we strive to give YOU as much control over YOUR website as you wish to have.

4.  We can make all of your changes with a simple email request, or we can teach you how to make your own changes, if you prefer.  If you need it, we can create a manual, specifically for your website, to teach you how to make your own changes or additions.

To summarize, we offer peace of mind.  Your website will be created as you want it, changed when you want it changed, and it will be maintained - software updates as needed, regular backups, sitemap creation, regular submission to Search Engines, and it will be monitored 24/7 to assure vigilant security.

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The BEST WEBSITES team of Mary Ann Pearson and Jeffrey John Berwick has a combined experience of over 30 years in creating websites.

Mary Pearson

Mary Pearson

is a widow, mother of four daughters, and nana of five grandchildren.  
She has always loved photography, graphics and technology.
Building websites allows her to express that creative side.Jeff Berwick & Juno

Jeff Berwick

is a husband and father of two sons, the mathematical brains of the operation.
He is a coder extraordinaire, capable of handling all technical challenges that any website may present.


BEST WEBSITES operates under the auspices of its parent company MAP Enterprises

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About Hosting Your Website

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About Search Engine Optimization

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About Dedicated IP Addresses

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About SSL Certificates

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About Citations

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About Getting Reviews

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