We no longer do maintenance or updates on websites that we have not built.  The reason is that when we build a site, we build it specifically to be fast, to be easy to modify, and all of the search engine optimization is done correctly.  We have found that this is not the case with most other established websites.  We take great pride in every website that we host, making sure it is the best it can possibly be.  To bring another website up to our standards is just so time-consuming that we believe it is in everyone's best interests if we rebuild the website from scratch.

If you have a website that needs an update or maintenance, you may wish to consider allowing us to rebuild, and host, your current website.

Web Maintenance

We can pretty much duplicate what you already have if you're happy with it, or we can create something completely new.

We can teach you how to make your own changes, or we can make the changes for you.

Our websites include many features that are not part of most packages like an SSL Certificate, SEO, animation, unlimited changes and additions at no extra cost, etc. 

Please check our prices and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.