Businesses With More Than One Employee

Cost to Build the Website

As a basic guideline, the cost to build a website for a basic store front, an established business, or business with more than one employee, starts at $1000 for up to fifteen pages, including a photo gallery with as many images as you want.

Extras, such as e-commerce, coupons, language translation, purchased images, setting up newsletters, blogging pages, and video may cost more if it involves special coding or software.  Otherwise it will be included in the above price.

This one time fee includes:

  registration & configuration of your Domain Name (example: - extra domain names are $30/yr

 Dedicated IP Address for every website

  Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate so your site shows as secure (secure padlock), instilling confidence in potential clients

  Design of your website according to your instructions, taking into account any established logos and colours

storefront  Editing of content for grammar and spelling

  Photo Enhancement including increasing saturation & contrast if needed, cropping and sizing

  Animation if you want it

  Search Engine Optimization of all pages including keywords, meta descriptions, links, labelling of images, etc

  Sitemap creation and submission to Search Engines

  all sites are set up with Google Analytics

  all sites are set up with Google My Business

  numerous steps taken to assure Security of your website from hackers

Cost to Host the Website

Hosting for medium to large business websites is $500 - $1000/yr, depending on the size of the website, bandwidth required (example: for sending newsletters), and the monthly attention needed.

This yearly fee includes:

  renewal of Domain Name(s)

  renewal of Software Licenses as needed

  renewal of SSL Certificate

  up to 5 Professional Email Addresses such as

  hosting on our own Dedicated Server with guaranteed 99% uptime

  updating of all Software as required

  regular Backups (nightly database and weekly file backups - more if you need it)

  regular submission (usually monthly but could be more often) of your site to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask (Search Engines)

  updates to your site such as Coupons, Specials, etc with no extra charges

  all sites are protected by many layers of Security Hardware and Software on the server and on each website

Note:  Prices are based on the "whole package" of building the site and hosting. 

For Canadian Residents Only

13% HST applies if you are a Canadian resident.

A deposit of $100 may be required to secure your domain name and begin website creation.
The balance is due upon completion to your satisfaction.