What Is An IP Address?

IP stands for "Internet Protocol" so an IP Address is a unique address that computers use for finding one another.  Every device that connects to the internet, like a personal computer, tablet or smartphone has its own unique IP Address.  All websites have an IP address which is linked to their Domain Name.

The format of an IP address is four numbers separated by periods.  Each number can be from 0 to 255.  For example, BEST WEBSITES has an IP address of

IP addresses can be static or dynamic.  A static IP never changes.  A dynamic IP is temporary.  Usually a Domain Name will have a static IP address but a computer, cell phone or tablet will have a dynamic IP address.

What Is The Difference Between A Shared IP Address And A Dedicated IP Address?

Every domain name or URL (Universal Resource Locator) must have an IP Address associated with it.

A Shared IP Address can have many, many websites using the same IP Address.

A Dedicated IP Address is devoted to just one website.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Dedicated IP Address?

1. A Dedicated IP Address, combined with an SSL Certificate offer the business credibility.  Customers will feel safer making transactions on a site that offers this extra security.

IP Address showing reputation

2. E-Commerce websites require Dedicated IP's and SSL Certificates.  You cannot process payments without having both, a Dedicated IP Address and an SSL Certificate.

3. With the advent of SNI (Server Name Indication) Technology, some users on old browsers may show visitors a message indicating that a website using a shared IP Address may be using an untrusted connection.  A Dedicated IP Address avoids any chance of this happening.

4.  Shared IP addresses can be used by hundreds of other websites.  If any one of those "others" sends spam, their/your IP will be blacklisted, which could result in problems with email delivery and affect your "web" reputation.  This is never a worry with a dedicated IP address.

How Much Does A Dedicated IP Cost?

Most Hosts will charge from $15 - $20/mo for a Dedicated IP Address.  At BEST WEBSITES, we include it.  All of our clients have their own Dedicated IP address.