How Can We Help?

01. How long will it take to build my website?

The short answer is that I can have your website active and online, usually within two or three days.

This assumes you have the content ready for me to upload, and I just need to purchase the domain name, configure it, and design the site.

Delays of a day or two can happen if you already have the domain name and the transferring registrar is slow to release it, but this is rare.

It is vital that the website get active as soon as possible so that we can submit it to Google My Business.  It usually takes up to 12 days for Google My Business to send a postcard to your address with a verification code.   Once verified we can start doing the things necessary to rank in a Google search.

The long answer is that the website is never finished.  I will constantly be working on things behind the scenes that you might never be aware.  I will be doing things for search engine optimization to help your website rank on Google, and hopefully you will keep adding new content.