How Much Is A One Page Website?

The price to build a one page website is $200.

This one time fee includes:

★  Registration & configuration of your Domain Name (example:

  Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate so your site shows as secure (secure padlock), instilling confidence in potential clients

★  Design of your website according to your instructions, taking into account any established logos and colours

★  Editing of content for grammar and spelling

★  Photo Enhancement including increasing saturation & contrast if needed, cropping and sizing

★  Animation if you want it

  Search Engine Optimization of all pages including keywords, meta descriptions, links, labelling of images, etc

★  Sitemap creation and submission to Search Engines

  Google Analytics

  Google My Business for store front businesses

★  Numerous steps taken to assure Security of your website from hackers

Cost to Host the Website

Hosting for a one page website is $200/yr.

one page websiteThis yearly fee includes:

★  renewal of Domain Name(s)

★  Software Licenses updated as needed

★  renewal of SSL Certificate

  up to 5 Professional Email Addresses such as

  hosting on our own Dedicated Server with guaranteed 99% uptime

★  updating of all Software as required - site is checked daily

★  regular Backups

★  regular submission (usually monthly but could be more often) of your site to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask (Search Engines)

★  updates to your site such as Coupons, Specials, etc with no extra charges

★  all sites are protected by many layers of Security Hardware and Software on the server and on each website

Note:  Prices are based on the "whole package" of building the site and hosting.

For Canadian Residents Only

13% HST applies if you are a Canadian resident.

A deposit of $50 may be required to secure your domain name and begin website creation.
The balance is due upon completion to your satisfaction.